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Healthaire Ventilation Systems

Established in 1994, Healthaire are the original developers of the modern Positive Pressure Ventilation System (PPVS). We have installed 1000's of systems across New Zealand and our commitment to innovation and Customer Satisfaction is unrivalled in the industry. We understand your home and we understand your needs, as our products are designed and built right here in New Zealand, by New Zealanders, for our unique New Zealand conditions.

A Healthaire Home Ventilation Systems provides FOUR main funtions:-

* Condensation Control

* Free Heating

* Free Cooling

* Improved Air Quality

Our quality Healthaire home ventilation systems are designed to provide the very best solution across each of these areas. Managing the relationship between controlling Condensation whilst not impacting the temperature in your home is crucial and we believe our innovative, patented products do this better than anyone. Similarly maximising the use of natures free heating and cooling, whilst simultaneously removing all the impurities from the air you and your family breathe are also critical components of every system we produce.



Our home is a typical 1970s weatherboard house. We insulated the roof space, under the house, and had a heat pump installed.

Amanda Sawkins

We've now been living with a Healthaire ventilation system for 7 months. The change has been like night and day. Before, the house had a constant dampness,

John & Leilani

To whom it may concern: The Healthaire SUPERVENTILATION system appealed to me because of its ability to keep my home free of mould and condensation in winter, keep the air fresh;

Marjorie Vermuelen

I am very happy with your ventilation system as I no longer have condensation, the air is fresh (and when I burn the potatoes the smell is soon dispersed) and I rarely think about the temperature.

Jeanne Webber