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About Healthaire

Established in 1994, we are the original developers of the modern Positive Pressure Ventilation (PPV) system. We continue to lead the market with new innovations, patented features and ongoing system upgrades. We understand your home and our products are specifically designed and built right here, by New Zealanders, for NZ conditions.

Our original designer/developer, Curtis Dobbie, continues to head the development team. Driven by his strong conviction that every New Zealander should be living in a truly healthy home, has ensured his unwavering commitment to keeping Healthaire at the forefront of the industry.

When asked what drives him, Curtis is candid in the extreme "We are a solutions oriented company, who's primary focus is delivering systems that work and building a clientbase of totally satisfied customers. Sadly, too many of our new competitors are all about marketing hype, aggressive sales tactics and money".

A cornerstone of Healthaires' success is it's 'where there's a will there's a way attitude'. Whilst many companies will drop the challenging environments or  tough installs into the 'too hard basket', Healthaire merely sees them as challenges and will always go the extra mile to find a solution.

Healthaire SUPER HOME VENTILATION silently introduces clean (hospital-grade) filtered air, warmed by the sun (genuine free heat even on cloudy days) throughout your home, removing airborne dirt, irritants and stale air in the process. On warm evenings Healthaire SUPER VENTILATION can quickly cool your home by introducing fresh cooler air into your dwelling, so you can sleep comfortably and soundly, with no open windows to invite insects or intruders inside!

Your home will be warmer, drier, cleaner, safer, fresher and healthier - for a total running cost of less than 8c per day ! (Less electricity than a 75W light bulb.)

Within just a few weeks you will see a significant improvement in the condition of your home in all the areas mentioned above. Many customers report dramatic changes even within the first week of use!