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Healthaire LCD Control Panel

All the major brands offer systems that are designed to reduce condensation in the home. However, their overall effectiveness and ability to manage the fact that the roof-space air in winter is cold, varies dramatically. Based on the fact that we are the original developers of the modern positive pressure ventilation system, with almost 20 years of experience it is widely considered that the Healthaire System leads the way in effective condensation control. Furthermore, we guarantee that during the Condensation Control Phase, a Healthaire System will NOT negatively impact the temperature in your home by even one degree. 
The System control panel offers several unique features, the first being the colour screen which shows immediately what the system is doing i.e Red (Heating), Blue (Cooling) and Green (Anti-condensation). Secondly the control unit measures roof space and home temperature to 0.1 degree, which will give you a precise reading as to conditions within the property. Thirdly the control system retains up to 6 years of trackable data. This includes coldest and hottest roof space and home temperatures by month and year and also the precise amount of free KwH of free heat provided through the system again by day, month and year. 
The control unit also offers a one-touch button for anti-con level (from level 1-10), Preferred Temperature Setting and finally 'Burnt Toast Mode', which provides a 2 hour, 100% fan-speed purge, which is designed to give you an immediate 2 x air-changes per hour for removal of any unwanted odours (typically burnt food, wet dog etc.,).




A further major benefit with the Healthaire System is that, from day one, everything operates 'Fully Automatically'. You have the option to increase and decrease your 'Preferred Temperature' setting and to adjust the 'Condensation Control' level from 1-10, although in both cases the standard factory setting of 22 degrees and Level 4 will normally satisfy the majority of circumstances.