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Q : How can roof-space air be healthy to breathe?

A : This is a very easy question to answer. Firstly, all air entering the system is filtered to 0.4 microns, which is somewhere between Bacteria and virus level filtration. This level of filtration actually provides better air quality than breathing unfiltered air from outside.

Secondly, and more poynient is the fact that, contrary to popular belief, the air in the roof space is not static i.e the roof-space is not hermetically sealed and with a Positive Pressure Ventilation (PPV) system, air from outside is actually 'pulled' through the roof cavity, filtered, warmed and then brought into the home through the ceiling mounted diffusers.

Note:- For every one air change in the living space, would represent up to four air changes in the roof-space. One can now see that, that with almost immediate effect, the system is not using static roof-space air.  


Q : How does the system provide FREE heat?

A : During a typical New Zealand winters day, despite being cold, there is often a reasonable amount of sunshine. As this sun shines on the roof, the sheltered area beneath the tiles is warmed. The resulting difference in roof-space temperature versus house temperature can be significant. This warmed air is then 'automatically' transferred into ALL the rooms in the house, which in the case of south facing rooms results in a tangible increase in room temperture. 

Note: On the rare occasions when there is heavy cloud cover with very limited/no sun activity the resulting heat gain would be negligable. A unique and notable feature within the Healthaire control panel, is that heat gain IS MEASURED and a daily log of the FREE KwH of free heat can be viewed.


Q : Does the system remove 100% of condensation?

A : All Home Ventilation Systems are primarily designed to 'reduce' condensation in the home, with some systems clearly better at it than others. In the case of Healthaire, we are the very best at controlling condensation in the home and in most cases the reduction level is 100%. However, there are times when nature simply transpires against us and the result, in these extreme conditions, is visible signs of early morning condensation. The good news is that with a Healthaire system these times are the exception not the rule, in all cases the condensation is removed as the day progresses and finally the difference in condensation levels with and without a Healthaire system is night and day. 


Q : Cost of running a Home Ventilation System?

A : The cost of running a Healthaire system is typically around 7c per day, which is less than $3 per month. 


Q : Does the system bring cold air into the house?

A : Condensation happens over night in winter, when typically the outside temperature can be -2°C - 8°C, your roof space 5-10°C and your home 14-18°C. Managing the condensation whilst NOT impacting the temperaturte in your home is the true test of a quality Home Ventilation System. Healthaire is the only company to our knowledge, that actually guarantees to do this whilst not negatively impacting the temperature in the home by even 1°C.

Note: Beware some companies offset their inability to control condensation without impacting the temperature in the house, by offering heater units in the roof cavity and or, heat elements in the diffusers! This should NOT be necessary and adds a great deal of expense to the running costs of the system.


Q : How long does it take to install a system?

A : This clearly depends on the property and the complexity of the system. However, as a guide, for a typical single storey, three bedroom, four outlet system. We would expect the installation time to be approximately 3-4 hours.


Q : Does opening windows affect the system operation?

A : No, the system is designed to provide ventilation whether windows are open or closed. 


Q : What happens in the summer when my roof cavity is very hot?

A : During the day in mid-summer your roof-cavity can be >50°C and your house >36°C. In these conditions condensation is no longer the concern, but FREE cooling. The system simply sits in stand-by mode waiting until the evening when the temperature in the roof-space is lower than the temperature in the house. Once the roof-space reaches a lower temperture than your house target the system automatically enters AUTO-COOL mode and now brings cooler air into the property at 100% fan-speed to purge the trapped hot air in the house and replace it with cooler filtered air from the roof-space.

Note : Most major companies have the option of a summer-kit which takes direct outside air from the south side of the property. However, the decision to install a summer-kit is very much dependent on the design specifics of the property concerned.