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Brand Comparison

Healthaire: FIRST with...

  • Fully automatic 'set and forget' control unit 
  • Controlled Air Transfer (CAT)
  • Multi-speed anti-condensation.
  • Multi-speed heating & cooling.
  • Full micro-processor control .
  • Differential temperature sensing.
  • Sub-micron filtration at F7.
  • EC Fan Controller (patented).
  • Parabolic/hyperbolic design.
  • flat-roof installation capability.

Healthaire leads - others follow!

What can Healthaire do that many other brands don't?

  • Fully automatic system, cannot be manually permanently adjusted.
  • Fully controlled by custom-designed microprocessor program.
  • Program lock feature to prevent system being shut down permanently.
  • Child-lock function  
  • Can be temporarily programmed by user for specific requirements .
  • Measures differential temps between roof and home, optimises fan speeds.
  • Only uses full fan speed when needed, then switches to power-saving modes.
  • Auto-anti-condensation speeds to prevent excessive heating or cooling.
  • Automatic multiple speeds for auto-heat and auto-cool processes.
  • At least TWO total home air change per hour at full speed.
  • Removes particles down to 0.4 microns diameter 
  • Removes ALL fibreglass, Insulfluff, pollen, mould and organic dust particles.
  • Removes car exhaust particles, most bacteria and even some viruses!
  • Filter is 100% effective immediately (other brands only when 85% full of dust!) .
  • Full-time on-call maintenance available for lifetime of product.
  • Filter life 3 years depending on air pollution load (other brands 12-24 month).
  • Will never create uncomfortable or unpleasant indoor temperatures.
  • Does not deliver excessive hot air during warm summer days.
  • Is not audible enough to interfere with quiet enjoyment of the home.