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The good news is that our air, here in New Zealand, is amongst the least polluted on the planet.The not so good news is that although we are low in polluants, we are one of the highest in terms of pollen count. The result of which is that New Zealand has a very high ratio of per-capita Asthma & Allergy sufferers.

To help address this problem, Heathaire systems utilize a near hospital grade F7 filter, which filters air to 0.3 micons. This level of filtration operates between bacteria and virus level and ensures that the air brought into the home through the system is free from all pollens, dustmites, and all airbourne irritants larger than 0.4 microns. A real example of what this means is, a human hair is typically around 200 microns, so we are filtering the air to a level that is nearly 400 times greater than the width of a human hair. Imagine the positive impact of this on a child sleeping for >8 hours in a room with air filtered to 0.3 microns:-)

The table below shows a graphical example of the effectiveness of this level of filtration:-