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Condensation Control

Climatisation ventilation: Climate control within your home can be a hard task when you do not own the right air ventilation technology. At Healthaire we can provide perfect climatisation control with our super ventilation systems. They can be installed in any home and are easy to run.
Having a controlled climate in your home can be very helpful, especially if your home is prone to condensation, mould, mildew, rot or general dampness. The ventilation system constantly circulates fresh, dry air through the house and eradicates all excess moisture that may have settled. This way your home is constantly dry and comfortable to live in.
Our super ventilation uses natural energy from the sun's rays to fill homes with clean air. Special sensors can assess how much air is needed at different times, as the same airflow is not always appropriate. Temperature levels can also be adjusted to keep the home warm and cosy in winter and cool and refreshing during summer.
Condensation control: Choosing a system that provides effective condensation control in the home can be a difficult decision - there are so many different choices. At Healthaire we believe that our super ventilation system is one of the best on the New Zealand market.
The unique design of the system makes it stand out from the rest. Because it uses the sun's natural energy to provide clean air in the home, we can guarantee it will cost only a small amount of money to run - around eight cents a day.
Our expert consultants will come to your house and install the system for you, so you can be assured it will run smoothly. They can fit a system into any size house; our unique design means it is discreet and quiet. The ceiling fittings are small and white so will merge with most house designs.
Condensation in the home is a problem many New Zealanders face. It can easily get out of control, with mould and mildew growing in moist environments and spreading harmful bacteria particles throughout the house.
Because these particles are so easy to breathe in, it means the health risk of a home riddled with condensation can be great. The chances of catching a cold or the flu are almost doubled in a damp house.
Our super ventilation system can provide customers with a quick and efficient way to eliminate excess condensation from the home in a quiet and discreet way.
Because the system uses the sun's natural heat to provide homes with clean air it means it uses minimal power and money to run. Our customers will be spending only around eight cents a day to live in a dry, healthy home.
Our systems can be installed into any size home discreetly and they run quietly so people can get on with enjoying their free time without having any distractions.