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Financial Benefits!

The most immediate and significant financial benefit of a Healthaire system comes in the form of FREE HEAT. The initial objective on the PPV system was to address the ongoing Kiwi challenge of condensation in the home. Whilst addressing this challenge better than anyone, a significant by-product of the system is the capture of an enormous amount of free heat.  

The total running costs of a Healthaire system is approximately 8 cents per day - less than a traditional 75-watt light bulb! During a typical winters day, despite being cold, there is invariably some sunshine. As the sun shines down on your roof, the sheltered area within the roof cavity heats up. The difference between outside temperature and the roof space can be significant. The warmer air is then transfered 'automatically' into ALL the rooms in your home. Imagine both the financial and comfort impact as this free heat is delivered to your south facing rooms (typically bedrooms), which otherwise have no heating whatsoever.

Your very next cold-weather power bill will show the results. The need for artificial heating is reduced, dehumidifying eliminated and within a few winters your new system will have paid for itself!

A further financial consideration is that, on average 3 litres of water (in vapour form) per day from exhaling, washing, cooking, showering... that's a jumbo milk-bottle-worth - per person! The moisture soaks into everything and permeates the air, making your home feel muggy and your furniture, bedding, clothes and rugs damp and cold. And mould thrives in such humid conditions.

With Healthaire SUPERVENTILATION, indoor condensation is reduced and in most cases disappears altogether. No more wet windows, damp exterior walls or mould-clogged window sills.

Your home will be less subject to the degradations of internal moisture, mould and rot damage - in most cases this process can be permanently halted and even reversed, thus reducing your property maintenence costs in the long term.

Your soft furnishings and carpets will also benefit from the mould-free, dry atmosphere - musty odours can disappear and your clothes and linens will also be fresher, mildew being reduced or eliminated.

Home security is also increased because the home will be comfortable even with windows and doors closed on warm nights.