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Health Benefits

Healthaire SUPERVENTILATION users report many improvements in their families' quality of life following installation of the system. Because Healthaire purifies and cleans the air in the home, it gives your immune system a welcome break from the war against all of the toxins and pathogens to which it is exposed daily. Think of it as a time-out for a full-body recharge! No matter what your age or current state of health, Healthaire SUPERVENTILATION can only benefit you! Asthma sufferers: report a marked drop in the occurrence and severity of their symptoms, some even being able to safely cut down or eliminate their control medications.

Winter 'flus and colds: many people accept these as a normal part of life - but with Healthaire SUPERVENTILATION and warm, clean healthy air at home, you need not continue to suffer these recurring illnesses. Many of our customers report a drop in severity and occurrence of these and other bronchial/lung complaints following installation - even in the first winter!

Hay fever and airborne allergens: can also be reduced or eliminated within your home, due to the functioning of your new Positive Pressure Ventilation (PPV) Healthaire. Airborne particles such as pollen and excess dust mite wasteare forced out of the home by the constant inflow of clean filtered fresh air, making your living spaces less dusty and therefore healthier.

Heart attack risk is aggravated by prolonged exposure to particles of less than 2.5 microns in diameter, according to latest research. These can cause systemic inflammation, increased plasma viscosity (blood thickening) and an increase in certain blood-clotting proteins. It has also been established that that endotoxins (organic dust) in concentrations of just 25 micrograms per cubic metre of air increases the risk of cardiac infarction (heart attack) by a massive 48%. Healthaire SUPERVENTILATION reduces this risk significantly.

SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome): Check your baby's/child's mattress: is it discoloured an orangey-yellow? What about underneath the fabric cover? If so, this is is likely to be a dangerous mould infestation encouraged by the moisture and warmth from baby's body. It is becoming clear that microbial infestation (mould and mildew) has some causative connection with SIDS, lowered immune system function, and is a definite trigger for pulmonary hemosiderosis (bleeding lung). If your infant coughs blood, or suffers nose-bleeds from no obvious cause, or if they have chronic chest congestion and/or is anaemic - seek medical advice immediately, and ask your GP to consider the possibility that your child may be suffering from pulmonary hemosiderosis. If this turns out to be the case, ventilate your home immediately with Healthaire.

Gas heating and cooking: manufacturers of gas appliances warn that adequate ventilation is required. Why? Flames and people have one thing in common - we both need oxygen in order to survive. Without any ventilation, a flame will take all the available oxygen from the air, and replace it with toxic gases (carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide), and water. Healthaire SUPERVENTILATION introduces fresh clean air, not recycled air, while expelling the stale, wet, oxygen-depleted, toxic air (total house air change from 1-1.5 times per hour).

Outdoor pollutants excluded from the home: smog, dust and car emissions are prevented from entering the living space by the Healthaire Superpleat filter.

Flying insect pests are less troublesome: windows and doors do not need to be left open for fresh air; and if windows are ajar the outward flow of air discourages them from entering