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How Healthaire Works

Your roof is a giant solar panel. Every day, even cloudy winter days, sunlight heats the roof until around sunset when the cooling process begins. Directly under the roof surface is an enclosed air cavity which heats up as the roof warms.Healthaire SUPER VENTILATION draws on this free heat source to warm and dry your home, which is typically cooler and more humidthan the roof cavity.

Healthaire SUPER VENTILATION is a Positive Pressure Ventilation (PPV) system which continuously introduces new air, either heating or cooling, into the ventilated area (the living space) while using the increased pressure to expel the existing air at the same rate. This air exits the dwelling at any available point: gaps in window joinery, door sills, etc. (Homes with sealed aluminium joinery may need slight adjustments to window frames in order to create exit points - Contact Us.) In order to be effective a PPV system should completely change the air volume within the home about once per hour.

(We state Healthaire airflow as a 'loaded' figure. This means that we adjust the airflow figures to allow for the air travelling around corners in the duct, through the filter medium and out of the ceiling diffusers. Any figures quoted by other brands that do not take these operating conditions into consideration are meaningless - because they only refer to 'UNloaded' airflow: fan in free air with no ducts or filters etc.)

Healthaire SUPERVENTILATION performs up to 2.5 changes/hour at full speed)- and it filters and purifies the air down to 0.4 micron particle size at 89% with almost undetectable noise and no radio frequency interference (static on your TV, for example). Many other brands also use inferior filters which can only filter particles down to 12.5 microns diameter when first installed.

Healthaire SUPER VENTILATION is fully microprocessor controlled, and most older models are fully upgradeable to the latest programs. The system continually monitors conditions in the home and roof cavity, and automatically adjusts its operation to bring you the optimum performance, year-round, with no required input from the user. However, the operating instructions contain simple step-by-step directions which can modify operating programs temporarily, for precise custom control. All this for a running cost of less than 8c per day (less than $29 per year)!