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Healthaire MODELS


Healthaire SUPERVENTILATION comes in all sizes to fit homes from the smallest bungalow to the most luxurious multi-storey dwelling.

Each installation is custom-designed to provide the most efficient configuration of fans and outlets. As a guide for your property please review the Healthaire Models table below:-


• DELTA2: suited to 60sqm homes - 2 outlets*

• DELTA3: suited to 60-80sqm homes - 3 outlets

• ALPHA: suited to 70-130spm homes - 4 outlets

• ALPHA PLUS: suited to 120-170sqm homes - 4-6 outlets

• ALPHA2 PLUS: suited to 160-230sqm homes - 6-7 outlets

• BETA: suited to 200-400sqm homes - 8-12 outlets 

• GAMMA: suited to 350-500sqm homes - up to 12 outlets & 2 controllers 

• EPSILON: suited to 500+sqm homes - up to 18 outlets

Note: These figures are a guide only. Final system design also takes into account building materials, ceiling height, physical location, down-feeds etc., 

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• MULTI-BUTTON LCD CONTROL PANEL:  There are 3 modes pictured in the image - Red (heating for cold winter days) Blue (auto-cool for hot summer evenings) and Green (anti-condensation for drying your home and combating condensation). The display readings pictured here represent a small sample of the range of operation.

Note: No radio frequency interference (RFI) i.e none of your radio receivers including TV sets will experience any interference from Healthaire as it operates.



Healthaire SUPER VENTILATION is constantly undergoing technical upgrades and improvements as our research and development team strive to remain on the cutting edge of this technology, bringing you aconsistently better product, year after year. Many of these designs are unique to Healthaire SUPER VENTILATION and some are already patented or patent pending.Healthaire leads - others follow!


 FAN MOTOR HOUSING: is made in PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) polymer, comes in two sizes and features a unique parabolic design to reduce turbulence and therefore reduce fan noise; and increase airflow. The design is exclusive to, and patented by Healthaire SUPER VENTILATION.                         Registered design # NZ404679

• FAN MOTOR: is a high quality European ball-bearing external rotor with integral backward centrifugal fan.

• EC FAN CONTROLLER: exclusive and patented (#522230/522311) by Healthaireto provide better energy efficiency, multi-speeds, quieter fan and longer life. We have C-Tick* worldwide.

• FILTER HOUSING: has 4 outlets (extendable to 7) of different sizes to accommodate the home in which Healthaire is being installed. The box, made from ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) polymer is another Healthaire exclusive design. This box houses our Healthaire Superpleat filter.

• HEALTHAIRE SUPERPLEAT FILTER: is a mini-pleat surface filter based on Hepa-filter construction principals. Because of the large number of pleats (over 50), the back pressure created is minimal. Healthaire Superpleat is rated F7 and has a filtration efficiency of up to 89% of dust down to 0.3 microns. (The average human hair is 200 microns.)

Our filter surface area is twice the minimum size required for the nominal airflow of our system using the Alpha motor.  (Healthaire’s filter has the longest lifetime of three to five years depending on location of home, of any system on the market.)  Healthaire Superpleat is the highest rated efficiency filter used in positive pressure domestic ventilation systems and exceeds the most stringent European filtering standards for domestic dwellings. 

• CEILING DIFFUSER: is all that is seen on the ceilings inside the home; it has an overall diameter of 160mm. This is made in PVC polymer, it is round and white in colour. The unit has been designed to create a laminar airflow; this has been achieved by using internal parabolic surfaces, hence noise from the outlet is almost undetectable. The CAT Inletis a similar but larger diffuser with diameter of 300mm. 

• INSULATED DUCT: used in CAT-enhanced systems, and also to transfer warmed filtered air between levels in a multi-storey house.

Controlled Air Transfer makes your fireplace more efficient• CAT (Controlled Air Transfer): This is a system addition which is fantastic for any home with a solid fuel fire  or Wood-burner, and is exclusive to Healthaire SUPER VENTILATION. CAT makes more efficient use of the warmth generated by the fire, automatically collecting unused heat from the ceiling above the fire and directing it to cooler areas of the house, thereby eliminating the "hot lounge cold bedrooms" effect.


• BASIC CONTROL PANEL: This panel is designed specifically for the Batch, 'Rental Property' or the buyer who is working within a very tight budget. It is an HPM spring loaded single action press switch with Healthaire control circuit utilising two indicator LEDs and the room temperature sensor. Also contains ability to program the microprocessor master controller, which is future-upgradeable. 

Note: This control panel is also available in a range of face-plate designs to suit your existing home decor.