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Room Humidity Control

Room humidity control: A SUPERVENTILATION system from us at Healthaire will work hard in your home to control the levels of humidity in every room. The system keeps a constant circulation of clean air flowing through every room in the house to keep it dry and healthy to live in.
If humidity levels in the home become too high, this can mean the formation of condensation, mould and mildew around the place. It also creates the perfect environment for bacteria to thrive. This can be very toxic and easily breathed in by anyone living in the home. Bacteria can have a serious effect on your respiratory health if absorbed into your body's system.
Air ventilation is one of the most efficient ways to combat humidity and condensation around the home. Our SUPERVENTILATION systems keep the moisture levels down and also work to keep the temperature of the home at a pleasant level when outside the weather is heavy with humidity.
At Healthaire we understand how hard it can be to control the level of humidity in different rooms around a home. By using one of our SUPERVENTILATION systems, our customers will notice a drier environment inside their house within days of installation. Our system works quickly and efficiently to rid a home of any excess moisture, old air or dust that may be lingering around the place and replace it with clean, dry air that is a lot healthier.
Humidity can lead to condensation problems around the home. This can provide the perfect environment for mould, mildew and harmful bacteria to manifest. Bacteria floating around the house on air particles that can be breathed in easily by anyone living in the house. This can cause respiratory problems, especially for any infants or young children who may be living in the house.
Our SUPERVENTILATION system will get rid of humidity in the home and keep it dry all through the year, no matter how muggy or damp it may be outside.