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Solar Energy Air Ventilation

Solar energy air ventilation: At Healthaire we have developed a home air ventilation system that runs from solar energy. This makes it a highly energy efficient system that has minimal effect on the environment and is also cheap to run on a day-to-day basis.
On average it should cost you only around eight cents a day to run your system to its full potential. This means everyday you can have clean, fresh air flowing through your home. As well as acting as an air ventilator, our SUPERVENTILATIONsystem is a dehumidifier and air conditioner.
A home filled with a constant flow of dry air eliminates all excess moisture that may be hanging around. It also makes it harder for any mould or mildew to grow around the place. This makes your home a healthy and comfortable place to live in.
Special sensors incorporated in our system can assess what the temperature inside the home needs to be and so changes the amount of air being let in to keep the house at a pleasant climate, no matter what season it is.
Using solar energy in our air ventilation systems is one of the things that keep us at Healthaire unique from other companies on the market. Our system is designed to use minimal power to work from so it is easy on the environment and also very cheap to run. It should cost our customers on average around eight cents a day to run our SUPERVENTILATION system.
Although it uses minimal power, our system has maximum impact on any home that it is installed in. A constant flow of clean, dry air is circulated around the home, keeping it free of condensation and unhealthy dust particles. This provides our customers with a healthy and comfortable home to live in.
Our system is also designed to control the temperature levels within a home. A special device can assess what the temperature needs to be and adjusts the amount of airflow to create the perfect climate, depending on what the weather is doing outside.