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Air Filtration Products

Air filtration products: For a great air filtration system look no further than the Healthaire SUPERVENTILATION products. We provide you with a high standard air ventilation system that is easy to use, quiet and a great money saver.
Our product is unique in that it uses natural heat from the sun to provide houses with warm, dry air during winter days and a cool atmosphere in the long summer evenings.
It is also a great system to own if your house is prone to condensation. Excess dampness in a house can mean mould growth all over the place and is likely to be detrimental to your health. As you are breathing in bacteria that breeds in a moist environment, it all goes directly into your system.
Healthaire SUPERVENTILATION greatly reduces this risk in a simple but effective way. Because the heating power comes directly from the sun, it is cheap to use - averaging around eight cents a day to run (per fan).
Every New Zealand home needs a good air filtration system. Healthaire can provide this to its customers. We stand behind our product one hundred per cent and can assure our customers it will provide a service that is second to none for many years.
Our system is a unique New Zealand made design that uses natural heat from the sun to provide homes with clean, dry air all year round. It heats up homes in the winter and can provide a cooling system during the hot summer.
Because it is using natural energy, the system is cheap to run, compared with some of the over-priced dehumidifiers and air conditioning systems on the market today. In an average day of use, it should cost only around eight cents to run our system.
Our expert consultants tailor make systems to fit into any kind of house with minimal fuss. We can provide any home, big or small, with a great ventilation system that will last them for years.