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Anti-Condensation NZ


Anti-condentation NZ: Keeping a home condensation-free in New Zealand can be a tough task as some areas of this country have a lot of moisture in the air. AtHealthaire we are anti-condensation and provide New Zealanders with solutions to their condensation woes by providing them with our SUPERVENTILATIONsystems.
These systems are designed to use the sun's heat to warm almost any home and keep it drier and healthier to live in. Condensation can be hard on your health and we strive to provide special technology that ensures you will stay healthy in your own home.
Breathing in damp air all the time can be taxing on the body, especially if you suffer from asthma or respiratory problems.
Because our ventilation systems use the sun for power, this means they are cheap to run. On an average day our SUPERVENTILATION systems will cost you around eight cents a day (per fan), a real bargain for a drier home.
At Healthaire we are dedicated to providing our customers with the best solutions to keeping their homes warm and dry. Our ventilation systems are cheap to run and can be installed in a house of any size.
We know how detrimental condensation can be to people's health, and also to the home. Excessive dampness encourages mould growth, which can sometimes harbour dangerous bacteria. People who have asthma should be concerned about living in a damp house because too much moisture in the air can cause their asthma to be problematic.