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Anti-Condensation Heaters


Anti condensation heaters: Condensation can be a huge problem in many homes and can get out of control if not handled properly. An air ventilation system is needed to circulate cleaner, drier air into the home and get rid of the damp air.
At Healthaire we have engineered the perfect SUPERVENTILATION system for this purpose. It uses energy from the sun to provide homes with continual clean air that does not promote the growth of mould and harmful bacteria.
Because our system does not run on power, it means the cost of running it is very cheap. On average it will cost around eight cents a day to run theSUPERVENTILATION system, much cheaper than using a dehumidifier.
We can install our system into almost any home, with our expert consultants coming to your home and working out the best place to put the system, for maximum benefits.
At Healthaire we realise that our customers want a system that can control condensation in their homes but will also warm their home effectively during the cold winter months.
Our SUPERVENTILATION system provides everything for a home that needs to be dry, heated in the winter and cool in the summer. By taking natural heat from the sun, our system fills any home with healthy clean air, while reducing dampness.
The system can gauge temperature changes within a house and adjust the airflow and heat to suit the atmosphere. Because it does this all by itself it means that owners of the system do not have to worry about constantly changing the temperature themselves to suit what they want.
Because our system runs from natural energy - the sun - it means that it is incredibly cheap and easy to run. On an average day it will cost the owner less than ten cents a day to run, much cheaper than a big, loud dehumidifier that can be used in only one room at a time.