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Anti dampness: Dampness in the home can cause a lot of damage to both the house and the health of you and your family. At Healthaire we are anti-dampness and have created a great system that will provide your home with clean, dry air.
Having a damp home can promote the growth of mould and other harmful bacterium. Because the air you breathe in goes directly into your system, this means you could be breathing in dangerous particles.
Our super ventilation systems can eradicate dampness from the home. Our unique design uses the sun's heat to provide the home with warm air during the winter and cool air in the warm summer months.
Because the system uses natural energy to run, this means it is very cheap to maintain. On average you will be spending only eight cents a day to keep your home a dry and healthy place to live in.
At Healthaire we pride ourselves on providing a high standard anti-dampness system for our customers. The super ventilation system not only rids any house of excess condensation, it can also keep the place at a good temperature.
It's self controls means the system uses special senses to assess the level of temperature in the house and then adjusts the air flow to provide warmer or cooler air, depending on whether it is summer or winter.
We understand how nice it is to come home to a warm place on a cold winter's night and so our system is designed to provide this.
The system runs on natural energy provided by the sun. This means it is very cheap to run because it doesn't use artificial power or add to the electricity bill. On average our system will cost any owner around eight cents a day to run, no matter what size their house is.
Having a SUPERVENTILATION system in the home will keep the area dry and comfortable to live in.