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Climatisation Ventilation


Climatisation ventilation: Climate control within your home can be a hard task when you do not own the right air ventilation technology. At Healthaire we can provide perfect climatisation control with our super ventilation systems. They can be installed in any home and are easy to run.
Having a controlled climate in your home can be very helpful, especially if your home is prone to condensation, mould, mildew, rot or general dampness. The ventilation system constantly circulates fresh, dry air through the house and eradicates all excess moisture that may have settled. This way your home is constantly dry and comfortable to live in.
Our super ventilation uses natural energy from the sun's rays to fill homes with clean air. Special sensors can assess how much air is needed at different times, as the same airflow is not always appropriate. Temperature levels can also be adjusted to keep the home warm and cosy in winter and cool and refreshing during summer.
Climatisation within the home can be a difficult task without the right air ventilation technology. Keeping the home at a constant level of air circulation is made easier with a super ventilation system from us at Healthaire. We are a New Zealand company and our product is 100 per cent New Zealand made.
Our product is built to last and be as user friendly as possible. This means after installation the system can be left to control its own airflow and temperature settings. It does this with special sensors that assess the environment in the home and adapt the amount of air being let in to keep the inside at a pleasant temperature. So during winter the home will be dry and warm and in summer it will be kept cool and refreshing.
Because the super ventilation system uses the sun as it's natural energy source, it uses the least amount of power possible, meaning it costs less to run - around eight cents a day.