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Complete House Ventilation


Climatisation within the home can be a difficult task without the right air ventilation technology. Keeping the home at a constant level of air circulation is made easier with a super ventilation system from us at Healthaire. We are a New Zealand company and our product is 100 per cent New Zealand made.
Complete house ventilation: Keeping good ventilation throughout your whole house can be a difficult task when you are trying to use dehumidifiers, air conditioning units and heaters. Healthaire can offer you a complete home ventilation system that is easy to use and discreet.
Our system runs on energy from the sun's heat, therefore using a minimal amount of power. It is kind on the environment and also on your pocket.
With your entire home being ventilated with fresh, clean air, you can stop worrying about any harmful mildew or mould growing inside. With constant air circulation, the chance of condensation and dampness evolving are slim to none. This creates a healthy environment in your home and is great for the quality of the house in the long run.
Our ventilation system can be installed into any home, no matter how big or small. We have expert consultants who can give you professional advice on the best way to install your super ventilation system.
Providing complete house ventilation for our customers is our number one priority at Healthaire. We believe that all homes need a good airflow system and have engineered one of the best ventilation systems on the New Zealand market today.
Our product is 100 per cent New Zealand made and we stand by its quality and longevity. It will outlast any other regular ventilation system and works to its full potential from day one until the end.
The system uses the sun's natural energy to provide all houses with good air circulation. Because of this it is easy on the environment and cheap for the owner to run - around eight cents a day.
It is a great way to rid a home of condensation and the risk of mould and rot. The home can constantly have fresh, clean air running through it rather than old stagnant air lingering around the place.
Our product is built to last and be as user friendly as possible. This means after installation the system can be left to control its own airflow and temperature settings. It does this with special sensors that assess the environment in the home and adapt the amount of air being let in to keep the inside at a pleasant temperature. So during winter the home will be dry and warm and in summer it will be kept cool and refreshing.
Because the super ventilation system uses the sun as it's natural energy source, it uses the least amount of power possible, meaning it costs less to run - around eight cents a day.