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Condensation Control NZ

Condensation control NZ: Our SUPERVENTILATION system can provide your home with dry, clean air throughout the year, cooling the area during a hot and muggy summer or keeping you warm and toasty during the cold winter months.
Because our systems use natural heat from the sun, it means it is healthier and cheaper to run than any other air conditioning system. On average it will cost you only eight cents a day to run, and you are provided with year round clean air for your home and family.
There is nothing worse than coming home to a cold, damp house in the winter. The super ventilation system can eliminate this worry by keeping your home dry and welcoming for you to come home to every night.
Air conditioning systems can be expensive to buy and run throughout the year. At Healthaire we can provide our customers with cheaper, natural air conditioning.
Our super ventilation systems are state of the art technology, using natural heat from the sun to warm a home during the winter and keep the place cool in the summer. Even on a cloudy day, the system can use heat from its stores to continue to keep a home at a constant warm temperature.
As well as having a well heated home, people can get used to living in a home with clean air and no condensation. Having moisture in a home can have negative effects on the house itself and can be detrimental to the health of the people living in it.
By providing great ventilation systems to our customers we are making sure they are getting value for money and a product that will last for years. Because it doesn't use power it means that it will be simple to run and not cause a huge power bill at the end of each month - as opposed to some air conditioning systems.