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Controlled Air Transfer CAT

Controlled air transfer CAT: Exclusive to Healthaire is the creation of our controlled air transfer (CAT) system to distribute heat evenly around the home. This system is for homes that have fires in the living room but nowhere else.
The CAT system is installed within the home with special intake systems put in the ceiling near the fire and then in other rooms. When turned on, the CAT sucks any excess heat into its system and then distributes it to other rooms around the house. This means that all rooms through the house can be warmed using heat from the one source.
Now there is no need for having one room overheated by the fire and the rest of the house freezing cold. This is one of our innovative ideas of using heat to its maximum potential but by saving on power at the same time. 
A controlled air transfer (CAT) system is great for houses that are quite big or spread out and that have many different areas that need warming. Keeping a home warm during the cold winter months can be a hard and sometimes expensive task, especially if heaters are used.
Our CAT system uses heat produced by the fire in the home to heat other rooms that the fireplace is not in. This is made possible by installing an airflow system with special outlets to pick up heat and distribute it around the home.
This means heat from the fire can be used to its maximum potential. Instead of just over heating one room it can provide heat for the whole house without using any extra power. This means a considerable amount of money saved on the power bill each month.
All of our ventilation systems are designed to save on power while still working to maximum potential. This makes our product easy on the environment as well as on our customer's budget.