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Cost-Effective Ventilation

Cost-effective ventilation: Finding the right air ventilation system for your home and budget can be an arduous task. A ventilation system from Healthaire can provide you with great ventilation for just a fraction of the normal day-to-day costs.
Having an air conditioner installed in your home can be expensive and uses a lot of power. Our ventilation systems not only act as a great air conditioner but also as a dehumidifier for the whole house.
The system uses natural power from the sun and filters out all pollutants that can come in from outside your home. It has reserves so that if the day is cloudy, your home can still be made cool or warm by our system.
By acting as a dehumidifier for your home, the super ventilation system can eliminate almost all excess dampness in the house, meaning mould will find it tougher to grow and spread its harmful bacteria around the place and maybe even into your lungs.
Out of the many different air ventilation systems on offer, at Healthaire we can provide a unique, New Zealand made system to our customers. It is cheaper to run than most other systems and is designed to last longer, giving a great performance right to the end.
The super ventilation system gets its energy from the natural power of the sun. It can use this to provide clean, dry air for any home, while also being able to keep it warm during winter and nice and cool during summer.
This is a great benefit for people who live in areas of New Zealand that can get muggy during summer. It is refreshing to come home to a nice cool house after being out in the sun all day long.
To operate our ventilation system costs around eight cents a day. This is because it does not use any power and gets all of its energy from the sun, which is free. They are built to last for three to five years, longer than the one-year life of most air ventilation systems.