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Dehumidifier New Zealand

Dehumidifier New Zealand: It is important to have clean air in the home and with an air ventilation system from us at Healthaire we can provide a great filter that will keep out all of the pollutants and provide you with great air circulation throughout the year.
We have air filters to suit different home types, with four different outlet sizes to fit the different kinds of homes our systems are installed in. Our Healthaire Superpleatfilter works hard to keep all of the toxins and pollutants in the outside environment out of the system and lets in only clean, dry air. The filter works on minimal power to give you the best air circulation possible.
It will filter out 80 per cent of micron particles in your home; leaving you able to relax in the knowledge your home environment is a healthy and dry one.
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At Healthaire we have tried our hardest to engineer the best, most effective air filtration system possible. For this purpose, we have sourced different parts that we believe work well together to achieve a high standard of air circulation in any home.
Our filters are designed to stop any pollutants from outside the house from being brought in to the inside environment. It traps the dirty air and lets through only clean, dry air into the home. The system monitors itself to discern the level of airflow that is needed at all times, ranging from full flow to just a little trickle of air being circulated.
The ventilation system is unique in that it uses natural energy and heat from the sun as its resource. This means it is cheap to run and efficient. Even on cloudy days the system can use warm air from its stores to keep the home nice and cosy for its inhabitants. For this great service the cost of running the system is on average around only eight cents a day.