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Domestic Ventilation System

Domestic ventilation system: At Healthaire we can install a super ventilation system that will suit all of your domestic needs. The system provides clean, dry air and can also work as an air conditioning system for your home.
It is important to have a good air ventilation system in your home because air can become stagnant if not constantly circulated. Also, ventilation makes it harder for condensation to occur and the chance of mould and mildew growing is lessened.
Our ventilation systems use the sun's natural heat to circulate fresh air through homes. They are equipped with a special system that gauges how much airflow is needed, based on the temperature of the home.
Because it uses natural energy to run it means our ventilation systems are easy on the environment and also on your pocket. On average it will cost you only eight cents a day to run the system. This means you will save on unnecessary power and electricity costs.
At Healthaire we have engineered a super ventilation system that is perfect for any home in New Zealand. Our experts can professionally install a system into a home so that it runs to full potential while staying discreet.
We realise how important it is for a home to have good air circulation in it. Without a ventilation system a home is prone to becoming inundated with dampness and condensation. This promotes the growth of mould and mildew that can be detrimental to the health of people living in the house.
Our system uses natural energy from the sun to provide a constant airflow through the house, and changes itself to suit the amount of air circulation that is needed at different times. Because it uses natural energy, this means it is good for the environment but is also cheap to own and run. On average it will cost someone around eight cents a day to run.