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Domestic Ventilation Systems NZ

Domestic ventilation systems NZ: Finding a reliable, New Zealand made ventilation system to suit all of your domestic needs can be a confusing task - there are so many different systems out there. Buying a super ventilation system from Healthaire will save you money and power and ensure you a clean, dry home throughout the year.
Our super ventilation systems use natural energy from the sun to provide houses with constant clean air circulation. This means you can relax in the knowledge that the system is easy on the environment. It is also easy on your pocket. Because there are no power or electricity costs to deal with, the super ventilation system will cost you around eight cents a day to run.
Having a home that is warm during the winter and cool in summer is a great thing. You can also be assured that our ventilation systems will rid your home of all excess condensation and harmful bacteria particles that may be floating in the air.
At Healthaire we have engineered a super ventilation system that is perfect for any home in New Zealand. Our experts can professionally install a system into a home so that it runs to full potential while staying discreet.
We realise how important it is for a home to have good air circulation in it. Without a ventilation system a home is prone to becoming inundated with dampness and condensation. This promotes the growth of mould and mildew that can be detrimental to the health of people living in the house.
Our system uses natural energy from the sun to provide a constant airflow through the house, and changes itself to suit the amount of air circulation that is needed at different times. Because it uses natural energy, this means it is good for the environment but is also cheap to own and run. On average it will cost someone around eight cents a day to run.