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Dust Control For Home

Dust control for home: A dusty home is an unhealthy home. Controlling dust around the house involves more than sweeping the surfaces with a duster every cleaning day. Dust can form in the home without you even realising it.
Although most air conditioning systems are great for keeping a home warm or cool, they can cause particles of organic dust to enter their airways, and effectively, into your home. Reactions to this kind of dust can be things like dry eyes, headaches and a sore throat.
At Healthaire we have developed an air ventilation system that uses the sun's heat to power it and constantly circulates clean air throughout any home, no matter what size. This means things like dust; dampness, mould and rot can be eliminated from your home.
Our system also acts as a more natural air conditioner, adjusting its airflow at different times to make your home cool in summer and warm and dry during the long winter months.
There are many different products out there that claim to control dust around the home. Some of these systems are expensive and use up power to run. Others simply just don't work. At Healthaire we have engineered a great product that does many things for the home, including dust control.
A dusty home is an unhealthy environment to live in. Daily effects can be things like having itchy eyes or constantly getting headaches. This is caused by dust being breathed into the body's system and the body having an allergic reaction to it.
Many air conditioners create the perfect environment for dust to congregate and be circulated around the home. Our super ventilation system uses only the sun's heat as its energy source so the air provided is cleans and dust-free.
With clean, dry air constantly circulating around the home this means things like dust, condensation and dampness are eliminated and replaced with controlled temperatures and healthy air.