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Ventilation Installation

Ventilation installation: Deciding on the right air ventilation system for installation in your home is a big choice. The right one should provide your home with effective air circulation throughout your whole home and be cost effective. AtHealthaire we have designed the perfect SUPERVENTILATION system to fit into any home, no matter how big or small it may be.
Our system provides energy efficient air ventilation by using solar power as its main source. Because it uses such a small amount of power it is friendly on the environment and also on your pocket. On average it should cost you around only eight cents a day to run your SUPERVENTILATION system to its maximum potential. This means you will receive a high standard of air ventilation throughout your home for a minimal cost.
Because our system also works as a dehumidifier and an air conditioning unit this means you are getting even more value for your money.
At Healthaire when it comes to the installation of air ventilation systems we really know our stuff. We have expert consultants who are able to help our customers decide how to install their new SUPERVENTILATION system so it will give them maximum performance while using minimum energy and power. Our product is 100 per cent New Zealand made and is created specially to work with the ever-changing weather patterns in this country.
The system we have created runs on solar energy and so uses minimal power. This means that it is safe on the environment and our customers save money on power costs. On average it should cost them around only eight cents a day to run their air ventilation system to its full potential.
Because our system works as a dehumidifier and an air conditioning unit as well as providing a home with constant clean air, it means that our customers save even more money on having to buy heaters or dehumidifiers.