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Ventilation NZ

Ventilation NZ: There are many different types of ventilation systems on the New Zealand market today. At Healthaire we believe we have designed an air ventilation system that is perfectly suited to the NZ environment. Our product is 100 per cent New Zealand made and is built to last.
We guarantee a strong performance from our ventilation systems, from the day you install it right through to the end. It will work to its full potential, bringing you clean, dry air and extracting all the old, stale air from inside the home. Our system uses natural heat from the sun for its energy and so has minimum effect on the environment.
Because of this it also impacts lightly on your pocket. The SUPERVENTILATIONsystem uses minimal power, even when running to full capacity. On average you will be paying only eight cents a day to run your system. This is a lot cheaper than many of the other ventilation systems on the NZ market today.
Having a home that is well ventilated is an important thing in New Zealand's sometimes-muggy environment. At Healthaire we have engineered the perfect air ventilation system to work well in any environment. Our system is unique in that it acts not only as a ventilation system but also as an air conditioning unit and a dehumidifier.
We believe all of these elements to be essential in the home. Having clean air in the home makes it a more comfortable and healthy living environment. If air is not well circulated around the house, it can become stale.
Using dry air is a great way to dehumidify any home that is riddled with dampness and condensation. This makes it harder for harmful mould and mildew to grow, which can sometimes cause extremely damaging rot to a home. Our system will rid a place of condensation and make sure it stays gone.