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Ventilation Solutions

Ventilation solutions: Using an air ventilation system from Healthaire provides a great solution to all of your solar heating needs. Our SUPERVENTILATION system can act as an air conditioning unit, providing you with the perfect inside temperature all year round.
A special sensor is placed in our system that can continually assess what the temperature needs to be inside the home. It then adjusts the amount of air being let in through the filters to create a comfortable climate. This means that when you come home from work on a freezing cold evening, you will not have to worry about warming up the house, as it will already be cosy and dry.
The system also works to cool a home during those long, hot summer months. This also means in muggy environments where dampness and condensation may become a problem, the constant circulation of cool, dry air will keep a home moisture-free.
Using solar power to run our SUPERVENTILATION systems at Healthaire is very important to us. This is because it has minimal effect on the environment and is also cheap for our customers to use on a day-to-day basis. On average it should cost our customers only eight cents a day to run their system to its full potential.
Our system is totally energy efficient and can provide year round clean, dry air in any home, no matter how big or small it is. We have expert consultants who can give our customers professional advice on the best way to install a super ventilation system in their home so that they get maximum performance from it.
Having an efficient air ventilation system in the home will keep it a dry and healthy environment to live in. It will help to eliminate traces of condensation and dust from around the place and keep it at a comfortable temperature at all times.