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Whole-House Ventilation

Whole house ventilation: Finding an air ventilation system that will work for your whole house can be a tough task. At Healthaire we can provide you with the perfect system that can be installed to effectively ventilate any home, no matter how big or small it is. Our SUPERVENTILATION system has been carefully designed over the years and constantly upgraded to make it one of the best systems on the New Zealand market.
We pride ourselves in providing a product that is 100 per cent New Zealand made and designed especially to withstand the ever-changing weather patterns of the country. Our SUPERVENTILATION system is powered by solar energy and so has minimum negative impact on the environment.
Because it uses very little power to run, our system is cheap to own and operate. On average it should cost you only eight cents a day to run the system to its maximum potential.
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At Healthaire we have created the perfect whole house air ventilation system for any home, no matter how big or small it is. It can be installed easily and provides not only great air ventilation but also acts as a dehumidifier and air conditioning unit. Our product is 100 per cent New Zealand made and specially designed to work with the ever-changing NZ environment.
By using solar energy to power our system we have created something that is environmentally friendly. Also because it uses minimal power to run this means it is friendly on the pockets of our customers too. On average it should cost you around only eight cents a day to run our SUPERVENTILATION system to its full potential.
We like our customers to enjoy the benefits of having an efficient ventilation system that will last through all the seasons and always give an efficient and effective performance.