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Exterminate Dust Mites

Exterminate dust mites: Dust mites can cause a lot of damage to your home. Getting the problem under control by exterminating them at an early stage can save a lot of stress and money for you. Installing a super air ventilation from Healthaire in your home can mean the extermination of dust mites from a constant circulation of clean air through the house.
Our system uses the cleanest air sourced from the sun's heat to circulate through your home. Our filters are specially designed to eliminate all pollutants that may come through and allows only dry, healthy air in.
This also means that the least amount of power is used and so you will be paying a minimal amount of money to run your system. We have calculated that running our system will cost you only eight cents on a day-to-day basis; much cheaper than many other air ventilation systems on the New Zealand market.
Dust mites are an annoying problem in any home. If not exterminated in time they can cause a lot of damage in the home that can be very expensive to fix. AtHealthaire we like to believe we have eliminated that worry with ourSUPERVENTILATION system.
Our system is designed to do many things and helping to eradicate the presence of dust mites around the home is one of them. Having clean, dry air constantly circulated around the home dissuades dust mites from staying and means a home is kept clean and healthy for the occupants.
The air ventilation uses the sun's heat to provide airflow to a home. This means it is easy on the environment and uses minimal power. On average it should only cost our customers eight cents a day to have their system running to full potential every day.
Our system is also designed to rid homes of other harmful elements like condensation, dampness, mould and mildew. This means a home will be a happy, healthy environment to live in.