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Hay-Fever Control

Hay-fever control: Getting a good control over your hay-fever during seasons like spring can be hard, especially when you are suffering from the effects of it within your own home. At Healthaire we have engineered the SUPERVENTILATION system, to make your home a healthy and clean place to spend time in.
Our system uses natural energy from the sun's heat to power itself and brings in air from the outside to create a nice atmosphere within your home. Before allowing the air into you home our specially designed filters can stop all pollutants and elements like pollen from being allowed in. This way you are provided with air circulation that you know is clean and dry.
This can save you a lot of money buying antihistamines and other hay fever medication to keep you healthy within your own home. Our system is also excellent at getting rid of excess condensation and dampness in the home. This provides you with an even healthier environment as damp homes can cause harmful bacterium to grown that can be breathed in easily by anyone in the house.
This country produces a lot of pollen during the warmer seasons and can cause many problems for people who suffer from hay-fever every year. To get it under control within the home, Healthaire has invented a SUPERVENTILATION system that will have sufferers feeling great in no time.
Our unique system uses energy from the sun's heat to provide great air circulation throughout the home. Even on a cloudy day the system can use its energy stores to keep working. Air from outside the house is filtered through to provide a clean, dry environment on the inside.
The filtration system means all pollutants that can be found outside - smoke, gas, smog, and pollen - are filtered out before going into the home. This means sufferers of hay-fever can breathe easy and that they can be healthy in their own home.
Because the system uses a minimal amount of power to run this means it is easy on the environment but also cheap to use. Our customers will be spending around only eight cents a day for the great service our ventilation system provides.