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Heat Recovery

Heat recovery: At Healthaire we can provide an air ventilation system that will keep your home cool during the long hot summer months and toasty warm in winter.
Our SUPERVENTILATION system can automatically gauge what temperature is needed for your home with special sensors monitoring the inside atmosphere.
There are many different ways to keep a home cool during summer but our Healthaire superventilation system is the only one that can keep a house cool while eliminating all excess moisture from inside.
Not only can our system keep a home cool and dry during summer, it can also provide warm air during the cold winter months. This means our customers can save money on buying expensive heaters or air conditioning systems when our system can do it all.
By providing a system that can not only control the temperature of a house but also keep it dry means the added worry about condensation and dampness can be forgotten. We realise how many home owners in NZ have to put up with damp houses and that is why our system can work to as high a standard as any dehumidifier to keep homes dry and healthy to live in.