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Heat Recovery Ventilation

Heat recovery ventilation: At Healthaire our ventilation system is unique in that it uses heat recovery to provide homes with clean, dry air throughout the year.
This is a very energy efficient and cost effective way of keeping your home ventilated. Not only can our ventilation system offer fresh air sourced from the sun's natural energy but it also acts like an air conditioning unit and a dehumidifier. Imagine all the money you can save by having all of these home appliances in one ventilation system!
Our system has special sensors so it can assess what the temperature inside the home is and adjusts the airflow to create the perfect climate at all times. This means you can come home to a toasty warm house in the winter or be refreshed with a cool home during the long summer months.
A constant circulation of air means that the chance of having condensation or dampness in the home is decreased considerably. This also means that the chance of harmful mould and mildew forming in your home is slim to none.
Using heat recovery ventilation in a home is a very effective way of keeping the place dry and pleasant to live in. By using heat from the sun for its ventilation, the system is easy on the environment and is also extremely cost effective for our customers.
There are many heat recovery systems on the market today but at Healthaire we believe we have engineered the perfect system that can be installed effectively into any home, no matter how big or small. And not only does the super ventilation system work as an air ventilator, it also doubles as a dehumidifier and an air conditioning unit.
Because the system provides a constant circulation of dry air, it means that all dampness and condensation is cleared up. This leaves people with a cleaner, more hygienic home. Without any mould or mildew forming, the risk of harmful bacteria floating around the house on air particles is reduced considerably.
Our special system can also gauge what temperature is needed in the home at different times and can adjust the airflow to create the perfect climate inside.