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Heat Recovery Ventilator

Heat recovery ventilator: Heating your home during winter can be a very expensive task. If you put a heater in every room of your home this would end up costing a lot of money. At Healthaire we can provide an air ventilation system that offers energy efficient heating that is also easy on the pocket.
Our SUPERVENTILATION system uses the sun's heat for its energy and so wastes no extra power. This ensures that your home is filled with clean, dry air that is kept at the right temperature, no matter what season it is.
Because the system uses natural energy to run on, this means that it is easy on the environment. At Healthaire we understand how many products in the world today can be harmful to our environment and so we have engineered our system to have minimal effect.
Minimal use of power also means minimal money spent for you. Running one of our super ventilation systems in your home to its full potential will cost you only around eight cents a day, much cheaper than most other air ventilation systems.
At Healthaire we strive to provide energy efficient heating systems to our customers that are always at the highest standard. Having a warm home that is well heated during the colder months is a very comforting thing.
Our super ventilation system can provide customers with a dry warm environment during winter and keep the house cool and refreshing during summer. By constantly circulating clean air around the home it ensures the best environment with minimal condensation or dust.
Because our systems use the sun's natural heat as their energy source, it means they use the least amount of power possible, while still performing at the highest standard. This means they are friendly on the environment and also easy on the budget of our customers. On average it should cost around only eight cents a day to run the super ventilation system.
We stand by our product 100 per cent and can assure our customers that it is one of the best ventilation systems on the New Zealand market today.