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Heat Recovery Ventilator

Heating New Zealand: Healthaire can provide you with the most innovative and advanced fan cooling technology on the New Zealand market today. Our unique fan design means our super ventilation systems are second to none.
Our newest model of fan can offer you:
- Quiet functioning;
- The highest energy efficiency;
- Higher speeds;
- More speed settings; and
- Longer life.
Our SUPERVENTILATION system is designed to provide homes with the most adequate temperature, no matter what season it is. This means nice dry warm heat during winter and a cool, refreshing breeze during the long hot summer months.
As well as offering great temperature control, our system works to eliminate all traces of excess condensation or dampness around a home. It also gets rid of any dust particles with a constant flow of nice clean air.
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At Healthaire we have created the most advanced fan cooling system that is in New Zealand today. We are confident that our fan uses energy efficiency to give the best performance possible, surpassing that of most other fan-driven air ventilation systems.
Our state of the art technology runs whisper quiet and can change to a range of different speeds, based on the amount of airflow that is needed in the house. We are confident that our fans are some of the longest lasting ones on the market, giving exceptional performance from its first day to its last.
Our SUPERVENTILATION system provides any home - no matter what size - with air circulation technology that is second to none. It is the best system available in New Zealand at the moment, because of all the different things it can do.
This involves acting as a dehumidifier to eliminate all excess moisture and condensation from around the home. Also, a constant circulation of clean air means dust particles have less of a chance to settle. This creates a cosy, healthy atmosphere in any home.