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Home Air Filtration

Home air filtration: Providing you with the right air filtration system for your home is important to us at Healthaire. We have engineered a great product that can be installed into any home and run for next to nothing.
Our SUPERVENTILATION system uses the sun's heat to provide a constant flow of clean, dry air into your home. The circulation of air means your home will be eliminated of excess dampness and condensation, which will make it harder for damaging mildew and mould to grow. It also makes the air particles cleaner for you to breathe in. In a damp house air particles can carry harmful bacterium that can make you sick simply after breathing them in.
The system uses only the most minimal amount of power to run and because of this it costs hardly anything on a day-to-day basis - around eight cents.
Air filtration in the home is a great way of keeping a house clean of bacteria and condensation. At Healthaire we have developed the perfect system for keeping the air clean and the house dry. The system can also double as an air conditioner, which equals money saved for our customers.
Our super ventilation system can keep a continuous stream of fresh air circulating any home, no matter what size it is. It uses natural energy from the sun's heat to function and so it is easy on the environment but still works to the high standard of any other air ventilation system.
Because it uses mostly natural energy to run, the power usage is considerably low. This means the cost of running it is also significantly lower than other systems. In an average day it will cost only eight cents to run.
Most homes in New Zealand are prone to the damaging effects of mould and mildew. Our ventilation system eradicates this factor from a home by circulating dry air around it. Special sensors can gauge how much air should be let in to the home and it can adapt to suit any environment.