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Home Dust Control

Home dust control: Keeping the amount of dust in your home under control can be a difficult task. No amount of dusting will eradicate all of the dust. When dust mites get into your home they can be detrimental to your health.
People can have an allergic reaction to the waste left by dust mites, and people who have asthma will suffer the effects of living in a dusty environment. Too much dust can cause asthmatics to have an attack because their airways become clogged up.
Installing an air ventilation system in your home is an effective non-chemical way to get rid of dust and dust mites from your home and keep them at bay. A constant circulation of clean air around the home makes it harder for dust to settle on the surfaces. Because the air has been filtered through our special system it means that it is free of all pollutants like pollen and smoke.
Dust in the home is an annoying thing for everyone. It can settle on surfaces and under beds and can be hard to control. By installing one of our Healthaire SUPER VENTILATION systems; our customers can relax in the knowledge that dust in their home will be kept to a minimum.
By providing a constant stream of fresh air that has been sourced from the sun's heat, our ventilation system will eradicate harmful dust from around the home. It is especially helpful for asthmatics to have one of our air ventilation systems installed in their homes because dust can cause respiration problems and possible asthma attacks. Many of our clients are asthmatics and after having a super ventilation system installed in their home have noticed the difference in their health and a decrease in the number of asthma attacks they have.
Our system can also work to eliminate all excess condensation and dampness from any home. This is another great way to have a healthy and hygienic home.