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Home Moisture Control

Home moisture control: Keeping the levels of moisture under control in the home can be a hard task, especially when living in a muggy or humid environment. Moisture in the home can lead to the growth of mildew and mould, both which can be damaging to your home and to you and your family's health.
One of the best and most natural ways to control moisture levels in the home is by installing an air ventilation system from us at Healthaire. We have worked hard to engineer the perfect ventilation system that will ensure your home will be dry and healthy to live in all year round.
With dry air constantly circulating around your home it means that the system not only gets rid of excess moisture, it will make sure that your home stays dry and condensation free.
Mould and mildew can release harmful toxic bacteria into the air, which can be easily breathed in by anyone in the home. This can cause illness, respiration problems and even heart attacks. Keep you and your family healthy by installing a Healthaire super ventilation system in your home today.
At Healthaire we have designed one of the most efficient systems for keeping the levels of moisture in the home under control. Our SUPERVENTILATION system constantly circulates clean, dry air through a home and eradicates all signs of excess moisture.
We understand the damaging effects of moisture and know to design our systems to work with the sometimes-muggy environments of New Zealand. Our system will rid a home of moisture and then work hard to keep the area dry and comfortable to live in.
If a moisture problem in the home is ignored then it can become a problem very quickly for the occupants. A damp home is the perfect environment for harmful mould and mildew to grow in. It also promotes the creation of toxic bacteria that travel around on air particles and are easily breathed in by anyone in the home. By having a dry home all of these problems are eliminated.