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Home Ventilation System

Home ventilation system: Finding the right home ventilation system to suit your needs can be a tough decision. There are many different models on the market and all of them offer different benefits. At Healthaire we believe our super ventilation system is one of the best on the New Zealand market.
The system is 100 per cent New Zealand made and can act not only as an air ventilation system but also as an air conditioning unit and dehumidifier. This means you can save money on buying different products to serve all of your home ventilation and temperature control needs.
Our ventilation system works by using natural energy from the sun's heat to provide homes with clean, dry air throughout the year. The system can gauge what kind of temperature or amount of airflow is needed in the home at different times and can adjust itself to suit. This means your home will be kept warm and dry in winter and cool during summer.
A home ventilation system is an important purchase to make for the home, as they last for years and people want to be sure they have the perfect system to suit their home. Our system can be installed into almost any home, no matter how big or small it is. Our expert consultants can give professional advice on correct installation and using the system to its maximum potential.
Our super ventilation system uses the sun's heat to provide homes with clean, healthy air and get rid of any excess condensation or dampness that may be lingering around inside. Condensation can cause irreversible damage to any home and so having a system that eliminates it is helpful.
The system uses heat from the sun and so cuts down on the amount of power used. This will make a noticeable difference on our customer's power bill each month. On average it will cost someone eight cents a day to run theSUPERVENTILATION system.