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House Ventilation

House ventilation: Finding a good ventilation system to install in your house is a big decision. It can be difficult to choose which one will suit your needs the best and still provide great ventilation around your house. At Healthaire we have created a unique ventilation system that can be installed into any house, no matter how big or small. We guarantee you maximum performance in delivering clean, dry air all year round after installing one of our SUPERVENTILATION systems.
Because the system uses natural heat from the sun it means that minimal power is needed to run it. You will notice this when the power bill arrives and the amount of money spent on ventilation is very little. We believe it averages out to around eight cents a day to use our system to its full potential.
Continuous airflow through a house means it will keep dust from settling around the place and will also discourage the growth of any mould or mildew.
A ventilation system in the house is the most effective way of keeping it dry and hygienic. There are many different ventilation systems to choose from in New Zealand today and all of them offer great solutions to any ventilation needs. AtHealthaire we have created the perfect ventilation system, which also acts as an air conditioner and dehumidifier.
Our system has been designed to use natural heat from the sun to fill a home with constantly circulating fresh air. Because air is always circulating it means that all dampness and condensation is eliminated from inside a home. This means the risk of mould and mildew growing is decreased significantly.
Because the system uses natural heat from the sun to power the airflow it means the amount of money it takes to run it is very low. On average it will cost around eight cents a day to run our SUPERVENTILATION system to its full potential.