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House Ventilation Systems

House ventilation systems: There are many choices on the market at the moment for ventilation systems for your house. This can become overwhelming because all of the systems offer the best ventilation solutions. At Healthaire we can guarantee you that our SUPERVENTILATION system will provide your home with clean, dry airflow. It is also designed to act as an air conditioning system and can gauge when your house needs to be toasty warm or refreshingly cool.
Our system can fill a home with dry air and will rid the house of any excess condensation or dampness that may be lingering. This means you reduce the risk of mould and mildew growing. Having a dry home is great for your health. Living with condensation can cause harmful bacteria to spread and is easily breathed in by anyone in the house.
With air constantly circulating through the home it also means that it will be harder for any dust particles to settle, and so reduces the risk of having a home filled with dust mites.
A ventilation system in the house is the most effective way of keeping it dry and hygienic. There are many different ventilation systems to choose from in New Zealand today and all of them offer great solutions to any ventilation needs. At Healthaire we have created the perfect ventilation system, which also acts as an air conditioner and dehumidifier.
Our system has been designed to use natural heat from the sun to fill a home with constantly circulating fresh air. Because air is always circulating it means that all dampness and condensation is eliminated from inside a home. This means the risk of mould and mildew growing is decreased significantly.
Because the system uses natural heat from the sun to power the airflow it means the amount of money it takes to run it is very low. On average it will cost around eight cents a day to run our SUPERVENTILATION system to its full potential.