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Humidity Control System

Humidity control system: Many places in New Zealand suffer from humidity during the long hot summer months. At Healthaire we have created an air ventilation system to control the amount of humidity inside your home.
Our system uses free heat from the sun to circulate clean air through the home. The unique temperature control device that uses special sensors to monitor the atmosphere inside the home can change itself to provide the appropriate temperature. This means that after being outside in the muggy heat all day you can come home to a cool, refreshing home and know the air circulating around it is clean.
A home in a muggy climate can suffer from the onset of condensation in damp and moist areas. Because the air circulating through our ventilation system is dry it means that it eradicates all excess dampness and rids the place of harmful mould or mildew from growing.
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Humidity can be hard to control within the home, especially with some of the humid weather New Zealand experiences during the warmer months of the year. At Healthaire we have engineered the perfect solution to this hassle with our super air ventilation system.
Our system is unique and is the best on offer in New Zealand. It is 100 per cent New Zealand made and we stand behind its quality. The system uses heat from the sun to provide clean, dry air to any home that it is installed in.
A special filter stops all outside pollutants from coming in and so our customers are assured a clean, healthy home from the day they purchase the ventilation system. It helps to rid a home of condensation and other nasty things like dust mites by having a constant flow of fresh air running through the house. This makes it harder for dust to settle around a home and dries up all excess dampness or moisture that is in the air.