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Modern Ventilation System

Modern ventilation system: Heating the home can be an expensive task - especially during one of New Zealand's long cold winters. Buying a heater for every room costs a lot of money and you always have to remember to turn them off. A gas heater is good but can be detrimental to your health if used in a house that is not well ventilated.
The solution is to install an air ventilation system from us at Healthaire. Although it may not seem like the obvious answer, our system is designed to keep your home at a pleasant temperature as well as constantly circulating clean, dry air around it.
The system is equipped with special sensors to assess the temperature of the inside of the house. It can control the airflow itself to create the perfect climate, no matter what the temperature is outside.
This means that during winter you can look forward to coming home to a warm, dry home. During summer our system works to keep your home cool and dry, even when it is very humid outside.
When the power bill goes up over winter it is usually because of all the heaters that are being used. Heating the home can be a hard task and can end up costing more than it's worth. At Healthaire we have come up with a solution for our customer's heating requirements.
Our ventilation system is designed to control the airflow by itself to suit the temperature requirements inside the home. We realise that the same temperature isn't suitable all year round. Special sensors on our system can assess what the temperature of the house is and work to create the perfect inside climate, whether it is warm and dry or cool and refreshing.
We have also designed a system that uses the home fire to warm all areas in the home. Special devices are placed above the fire and in other areas around the house. The one above the fire sucks up any excess heat and distributes it to other rooms in the home so that the whole place is warmed evenly without having to use extra heaters.