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New Zealand Moisture Control

New Zealand moisture control: Keeping moisture under control can be a hard task with the muggy environments around New Zealand. If moisture is not attended to within the home it get out of control and become a serious problem. At Healthaire we would like to help you solve your moisture problems by providing a top of the range air ventilation system that will keep your home dry and comfortable to live in.
High moisture levels in the home can quickly become a health risk. Dampness creates the perfect environment for things such as mould and mildew to grow. It also encourages bacteria to settle in the home and be very toxic to the body if breathed in.
By installing a SUPERVENTILATION system in your home you are ensuring the health of you and your family. Because our system provides a constant circulation of clean, dry air sourced from outside it means that it not only rids a home of moisture, it works to make sure moisture stays out of the home.
In New Zealand it can be hard to keep control of moisture in the home. There are so many environments around the country that make homes the perfect place for condensation, mould and mildew. At Healthaire we realise this and so have tailor-made an air ventilation system that suits New Zealand's weather conditions. It can act as a dehumidifier to rid homes of excess moisture and make it a dry, healthy place to live.
A home where mould and mildew are growing is a health risk for all who live in it. It is the perfect environment for toxic bacteria to thrive and can easily be breathed in by anyone in the home. It can cause serious respiratory problems for infants or young children.
It is best to find a system that will not only reduce all moisture from a home but will also work to make sure the home does not suffer from condensation or moisture again. With a constant circulation of clean, dry air that is sourced from outside, our SUPERVENTILATION system will eradicate unsightly mould and mildew from any home, no matter how big or small.