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New Zealand Ventilation

New Zealand ventilation: Keeping moisture under control in the home can become a hard task and can easily get out of hand. At Healthaire we are the experts when it comes to controlling moisture levels using air ventilation. Our super ventilation system will keep any home dry and healthy to live in, no matter how big or small it is.
Our system is unique in that it uses natural heat from the sun for its energy source. This means any air circulating around your home is fresh and clean. By using natural energy to run, this means our ventilation systems are gentle on the environment and use the least amount of power possible. This also makes it cheap to run. On average you should be spending only eight cents a day to run your super ventilation system - much cheaper than any other systems that are available.
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Moisture can be very detrimental to any home if left to its own devices. A damp, moist environment can promote the growth of harmful mould and mildew around the house. This can lead to the spreading of toxic bacteria that travel around on air particles and are easily breathed in.
At Healthaire we have engineered the perfect system for controlling moisture levels in the home. Using a natural air ventilation system, a constant circulation of fresh, clean air is brought in from outside and helps to eradicate all lingering condensation and moisture.
Because our system uses natural energy to run it means that it is environmentally friendly and also cheap to use. On average it should cost our customers only around eight cents a day to run their SUPERVENTILATION system at full power.
Having a clean and healthy home is very important. In a dry home it is harder for mould and mildew to grow.