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Reduce Condensation

Reduce condensation: There are many ways to reduce condensation in the home these days but only some of them provide a permanent solution to your condensation needs. At Healthaire we are confident that our SUPERVENTILATIONsystem can work as an effective dehumidifier in any home.
By filling a home with a constant stream of clean, dry air it eradicates all excess moisture and dampness from around the home. This makes it harder for condensation to develop and also means other nasty things like mould and mildew are kept at bay. This means you can rest assured that your home is a healthy one. Not only does our system get rid of condensation it also works hard to make sure it doesn't come back. This is great for many New Zealand homes where the climate makes for a very damp inside environment.
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At Healthaire we realise how difficult it can be to reduce home condensation and also keep it at bay. In New Zealand's changing climates it is very easy for a home to become riddled with dampness and moisture that can be very hard to remove.
A home with condensation problems can lead to the growth of mould and mildew. These can be harmful and it provides the perfect environment for bacteria to thrive. These bacteria can travel around on air particles and are easily breathed in by occupants of the home. This can cause respiratory problems, especially for any infants or young children living in the house.
We like to provide our customers with an easy solution to all their condensation problems and create a healthy home environment to live in. TheSUPERVENTILATION system is cheap and easy to run and will provide great air circulation for many years.