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Other Products

optional EXTRASIn keeping with our commitment to provide innovative environmentally-friendly products to all householders, we recommend the following items to you. Some of these products are additions to the Healthaire SUPER VENTILATION system; others may be purchased and installed independently. New items are added when they have been tested and assessed by our own development team.


Clipsal Cent-a-MeterHealthaire SUPER VENTILATIONis pleased to offer and recommend this Clipsal Cent-a-Meteras a useful addition to your home monitoring systems. Cent-a-Meter is completely portable and works via a radio transmitter connected to your household electrical switchboard. This unit monitors the total home electricity usage in real time. You can select 'cents per hour' as shown or 'kilowatts' or 'greenhouse gas emissions (kg)'. Also included is a display that changes betwen humidity and room temperature every 5 seconds.

Healthaire IonFresher Negative Ion Generator A naturally occuring atmospheric phenomenon with unusually high positive ion concentrations is the Foehn wind (Germany) which also occurs in other regions under different names: Chinook (China); Santa Ana (California); Sharav (Middle East) and our own Nor-Wester (Canterbury Plains).


This hot, dry, dusty wind has been known for centuries to trigger an increase in violent crime, traffic accidents, incidence of migraine, asthma and even suicide!

However, we don't need to live in one of these geographic regions to be experiencing unpleasant health effects from positively charged air particles.