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Amanda Sawkins, Browns Bay

Our home is a typical 1970s weatherboard house. We insulated the roof space, under the house, and had a heat pump installed. Winter came and we found that we created a moisture problem: I couldn't see out of the windows they were so wet, puddles formed on the sills and mould grew on our new curtains; as a family we were constantly sick, I tried many things leaving the window adjar etc...

I then researched into ventilation systems and am now a proud owner of  Healthaire Superventilation and I love it, within 1 day I noticed the drier air and warmer too, I haven't needed to use my heat pump yet. The control pad is easy to use and so much fun, you can't help but read what the temperature's doing and then informing family!

I know my family will benefit with our new purchase and I will look forward to next winter... after summer of course!



John & Leilani Himmelmann

We've now been living with a Healthaire ventilation system for 7 months. The change has been like night and day. Before, the house had a constant dampness, windows dripped condensation during winter, and everything had a mildew smell. 

Since installing the Healthaire system, our home is dry, no more dripping windows, and the whole place has a warm, comfortable, healthy feeling. My only regret was waiting so long to have the system installed. It's made a world of difference to the livability of the house. I highly recommend the Healthaire ventilation system.



Marjorie Vermuelen, Pt Chevalier 

To whom it may concern: The Healthaire SUPERVENTILATION system appealed to me because of its ability to keep my home free of mould and condensation in winter, keep the air fresh; and add no noticeable expense to my electric electric bill. 

The filter is of the highest quality and the warmth and coolness generated all year round is very welcome. Our filter is replaced every 4-5 years when an upgrade also takes place. I do not have to think about switching it ON or OFF - it thinks for me. What more could I ask of something that has been with me for 11 ½ years. Every home should have one. 



Jeanne Webber, Red Beach

I am very happy with your ventilation system as I no longer have condensation, the air is fresh (and when I burn the potatoes the smell is soon dispersed) and I rarely think about the temperature. This winter many people complained to me about it being such a cold winter and I had to say that it hadn't been a cold winter for me. I noticed it being cold on only about two occasions. 

Another plus is that one of the bedrooms had mould on the ceiling and this has gone; however, the superb thing about your system is that it regulates itself. Being totally automatic is marvellous. 

When I visit friends who have air conditioning installed there is often a "discussion" about the temperature and one wanting to adjust the air conditioner. Your system is truly a healthy system and lives up to its name. I am very pleased that I had it installed.



Bert Whitcombe, North Shore

I have had a Healthaire SUPER VENTILATIONunit installed just on 12 months, and during that period I have noticed a remarkable difference in my health, and my zest for living. Being in my early eighties and living on a highway that fills with grid-locked vehicles every day, I struggled to survive, contracting bronchitis on a regular basis, so consequently looked at the option of moving to a retirement village out of town. 

Now that I am living in a warmer, drier, condensation-free home, I have taken up indoor and outdoor bowls, back playing golf, and manage to squeeze in three on-hour sessions at the YMCA every week, and intend to stay in my own environment as long as possible, at least until I get a telegram from the Queen.



Sarah Thirlwall, Mellons Bay 

I would like to express my thanks and satisfaction for the Healthaire product. I had the system installed, we have had one winter and now in November we are entering the warmer months. I have a child with asthma and have only had one trip to the Medical Centre over winter and that was within the first two weeks of installation. She has managed on 50% less preventative medication for the entire winter. Personally I normally suffer sinusitis and take nasal spray all winter and I have not had to use this once. 

We now have very minimal dust and this is saying something given our house was previously a very dusty house and we do considerable rennovations. Condensation was reduced almost immediately and after around 2 months it was eliminated. My heating has been a lot more efficient and we survive comfortably on small oil heaters, which would normally leave us still a little cool. 

Installation was quick and hassle free and I have received excellent prompt and friendly service when I started hearing extra fan noise. This has now been fixed. So thank you very much, I am very pleased with our system and the benefits it has delivered to my family.



Barry Snow, Auckland

Thank you for installing the Healthaire system in our home. We are delighted with your service and your product. Our house is 80 years old, three stories tall, and the ceilings have ornate plasterwork. You patiently measured, planned and installed the ducting without damaging the plasterwork and managed to install outlets in all three levels. I admired your persistence and patience as you completed the job. The system is excellent and has exceeded our expectations. We no longer have condensation on the windows, and there has been no more mould on the windowsills. The basement previously had a pool of cool and damp air in the winter, but it is now fresh and dry. The kitchen, on the southwest corner of the house is significantly warmer. And my son has stopped sneezing every morning! We are very pleased with the system and do not hesitate to recommend it to anyone.



Michael Keall, Balmoral 

We live in a large, reasonably well-insulated, 3 bedroom bungalow with high wall heat pumps in the living room and kitchen areas. Several months ago we had an Alpha system installed with outlets in the laundry and bedroom areas. We also had a CAT (Controlled Air Transfer) system installed with intake grills in the living room and kitchen. Our heat pump installers insisted that we not open windows as cold damp fresh air increases the work load of heat pumps and significantly reduces their overall efficiency. However breathing stuffy recycled air 24/7 was unattractive. With heat pumps and SUPER VENTILATIONwe feel like we're getting the best of worlds, fresh air and efficient dry warmth. On sunny and even overcast days the Healthaire Alpha System has been very effective at raising the overall temperature of the house in tandem with the heat pumps. At night the CAT system has been equally effective at transferring heat from the heat pump units to the rest of the house. Previously the heat pumps had to be turned up to an uncomfortable level in order to have much effect outside the living room and kitchen areas. On cooler winter evenings the living areas remain comfortably warm and the chill gets removed from the bedrooms. The extremes of hot and cold seem to be a thing of the past. My partner and I have been generally impressed by the way the Alpha and CATsystems have worked in harmony with our existing heat pumps to provide a more even efficient heat and a steady stream of fresh air.



Morris Pendergrast, Hillsborough

After installing the Healthaire system into our home 5 months ago we have found the atmosphere to be warmer and drier and condensation no longer causes us a problem. As we have a free-standing fireplace in our lounge and find that during winter months this room becomes too hot so we took the opportunity and installed theCAT (Controlled Air Transfer) system. The transferring the hot air from this room through ducting to other areas of the house, means we can now go from room to room without getting that cold damp feel once you leave the heated room. Our house is built on two levels we have two bedrooms and ensuite down in the lower level, so we have had the CAT system ducted down into these rooms. Previously these rooms always felt cold and smelled damp but now the air is clean and the rooms no longer cold. We have found the Healthaire system and the extra cost involved in installing the CAT system to be well worth the investment, and we now live in a healthier environment.




NW Maxwell, Papakura


I am writing this to inform you of how happy my wife and I are with our Healthaire SUPER VENTILATION system. Our home has been built for 6 years and has an indoor swimming pool 3mx9m. The north facing side is all glass windows and doors and the home corridor has glass windows also facing the pool. The pool is heated. Every morning all the glass would be dripping with condensation and I would have to wipe them down and open windows and doors, even in the middle of winter, rain or shine. Since the Healthaire system has been installed, from the first day the condensation has been almost eliminated, only a slight mist appears sometimes. Furthermore the condensation in the rest of the home has all but disappeared and we have noticed a total change in the home atmosphere, fresher, with a generally more comfortable temperature. There is also much less dust around. The results have totally exceeded what we were told by the Healthaire representative and we would have no hesitation in recommending this system to anybody.



Denise MackleI, NZ Accommodation, Rotorua

The Society has owned a home in Rotorua for the past 13 years and for 11 of those years there has been an ongoing battle with mildew and mould in cupboards, wardrobes, wall coverings, drapes, and condensation on the windows. We installed one of your systems and since that time we have had no condensation problems, the mould and mildew have completely goneand the house no longer has a musty smell but has a warm, welcoming and cosy feel as soon as you walk in the door. I certainly wouldn't hesitate to recommend your system to anyone contemplating the installation of this type of unit.



Sean Smith, featured on TV2's My House, My Castle, West Auckland

I had the system installed during the winter. Within 3 weeks the wet joist in the walls of the house went from 33% moisture to dry. Thisamazed the experts with their own independent moisture meters. I noticed that there was no more condensation on the windows and the stabilocolious mould is gone. The system meant I enjoyed warmer nights during the winter and now cooler evenings in summer. The overall benefits of having this system installed have been huge. My house is no longer deteriorating and it is a healthier and far more pleasant environment.

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Diana Liang, Manukau City

I would like to share with everyone, what the Healthaire SUPER VENTILATIONsystem has done for me and my family. As an asthmatic and before having the ventilation installed, every morning and night I would be sneezing due to the change of temperature and during the day I would be sneezing due to the dust and pollen. I was also unable to do the household vacuuming and dusting, because the dust and vacuuming made me wheezy and my nose would be blocked and I would constantly be sneezing. Due to being wheezy I would need my inhaler. Due to this problem my husband had to do the vacuuming and household cleaning! (Good eh!!!) With winter we had condensation and so the house was cold and damp, my daughter and I would get sick due to the coldness of the damp air. Since having our ventilation system installed, the house is much warmer and drier and colds have reduced. Also my asthma is more controlled and instead of using my inhaler everyday, which I used to, I now only use my inhaler once in a blue moon. Luckily for my husband I can now do the vacuuming and household cleaning. (Damn it!!!) Having the ventilation system installed has saved me doctor bills and buying new nets for the whole house. We have no regrets in purchasing the ventilation system and would strongly recommend theHealthaire ventilation system to anyone. We would like to thank Raewyn for knocking on our door.



Maggie Brimner, Otahuhu

Thank you for your fax today’s date, it certainly put my mind at rest. I thought you would be interested in two things that have become very evident and very quickly:

1) If I have to get up in the night, I don’t have to search for my slippers to keep my feet warm, and surprisingly the carpet feels very dry and fluffy to the touch. 
2) Before I had Healthaire SUPER VENTILATION installed there was an odour in the second bedroom that nothing would move including three expensive carpet cleaners, under-floor inspection and in-ceiling inspection. Now afteronly three weeks the odour has gone and the room has a very pleasant ‘sniff factor’. This has been a great change and a quite unexpected benefit of the system. So thank you Curtis and keep up the good work!



Christine Windsor, Mt Albert

I really like Healthaire because of the lovely dry air aroud the house. Rachael, our 11-year-old, has not had any major asthma attacks since the system was put in over 5 years ago. Her asthma condition is greatly improved.




Joanna L Cole, Papatoetoe 

I thought I should write and let you know how pleased I am with theHealthaire. You fitted the system into the Housing New Zealand house that I occupy in January of this year, because of the problem I was having withcondensation and mould in our bedrooms. The wall behind my bed was so wet and black with mould the previous winter, that I had to sleep with my bed two feet from the wall. Even then the condensation on the ceiling above me still dripped onto my face. My son’s bedroom also had a bad mould problem, with damp walls. The situation was a serious health issue, and I must admit that I was skeptical at first as to whether the new system would make a difference. Now I have been through my first winter with Healthaire and I am pleased to report that I no longer have damp walls or ceilings in our bedrooms. I was able to sleep with my bed against the wall this past winter,without condensation dripping onto my face. I would say that there is at least an 80% improvement as I still have a problem with some mould at floor level on my bedroom wall, but this I can live with. As I’m sure you will recall, I was worried about the effect that this system would have on my power bill, and you assured me that it would cost no more than it does to run a light bulb. I can honestly tell you that you were right, it made no difference to my bill. Also, as the system was fitted in January, it delivered cooler air to the bedrooms throughout the summer months, which made sleeping on hot nights a lot more comfortable for my family and myself.



Douglas A Watson


I have been a sinus sufferer for a long time, & since the installation 6 weeks ago of our Healthaire system I have been free of any sinus problems. Another plus: our home is now free of any cooking odours, the air being so much fresher.